Travel Photo Thursday — August 29, 2012 — An Egyptian Sunset

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday! We survived the typhoon quiet nicely here in Daejeon. Coastal areas of Korea were hit much harder. Now, guess what? Another typhoon is due to hit tomorrow and this one appears to be heading right for Daejeon. Time will tell if it strikes hard or weakens before it arrives. I’m booked to go to the beach. We’ll see what happens. As you can see the blog has gone through a redesign. I am still doing some work behind the scenes, but there should be no Travel Photo Thursday interruptions this week!

My photo this week was taken long before this blog was ever thought of, with my first digital camera. The camera was a Fuji Finepix, and it is still going strong. A friend of mine now uses it. I always loved this camera, and I think this photo of a Luxor sunset will show you why.

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A Luxor Sunset, 2004

Luxor Sunset

Luxor was one of my favorite cities in Egypt. The ruins were just out of this world awesome. I very seldom take extended tours, but I did just that in Egypt. The tour was for 12 days, and we hit the highlights. Truthfully, it was okay, and I got to do some things that would have been difficult to do as a solo traveler. Camping in the desert comes to mind. However, it was simply too rushed, plus there were a couple of places that we went to that just made me shake my head. Why would a tour company take a group to a beach resort that has long been abandoned? That boggled my mind.

Here’s one more shot for today.

A desert view…

korea and egypt 350


This is my 13th post in my personal challenge “Publish a post every second day in August”. If you missed post 12: Spain–A Bucket List Screaming to be Continued.

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  1. I love your new look and expect it’s been quite a bit of work. We all seem to keep evolving don’t we.
    Love the Luxor sunset and I can imagine that camping in the desert under sky full of stars would be quite the experience. Some of those old cameras did a pretty fine job.
    Leigh recently posted…What I Miss About VancouverMy Profile

  2. I love sunset photos, and I love my Fujifilm cameras. Bought one for myself and won another one (smaller but better pixels) and gave it to my husband, so we’re a two-Fuji family.
    Vera Marie Badertscher recently posted…Three Great Things To See in Tampa FloridaMy Profile

  3. Hi Leigh…Thanks! Even though I hired someone to do the actual template change there is still a lot I have to do. Little things keep popping up. Like all of a sudden comments won’t thread. My project today is to try and get that sorted.

    I remember my Fuji Finepix fondly. I have a new finepix, and don’t care for it nearly as much; go figure!

  4. Vera…I think Fuji has one of the best color management systems around. I bought a new Fuji Finepix to throw in my bag when I don’t want to carry the Nikon. It’s a lovely camera, but unfortunately I have not taken the time to learn to use it. That’s on my list!

  5. Congrats on the new design! I love camping in the desert also so I really loved you desert photo. We recently camped in the Sahara in Morocco and I am so glad we did.
    jan recently posted…The Streets of MarrakechMy Profile

    • Thank you! I’m still working out a few bugs, but it seems to be coming along,

      I would love to visit Morocco.

  6. Love that desert shot. I really want to get the family over to Egypt soon. I have a friend working in Cairo we need to see!
    Also love the new look! Really highlights your images well and let’s them play the leading role.
    Keryn recently posted…5 Lessons I Learned on My First Family Road TripMy Profile

    • Thanks, Keryn. Cairo is a crazy city, but the museum is so worth it!

  7. I love the new design and look, Nancie! I bet it’s going to take some getting used to. Beautiful sunset photo! I’ve always thought that if we were to go to Egypt we’d be doing those tours too. It just seems like a logistical nightmare to try and do yourself. My first ever non-digital camera was a Fuji :)
    Mary recently posted…Treasure Gawking at Denmark’s Rosenborg CastleMy Profile

  8. I also love the new look and the photos are great! We keep talking about Egypt – my younger daughter desperately wants to visit China and Egypt. I expect that we will do a tour as well as it seems like the easiest option with kids along.
    Lisa recently posted…Postcards From NewfoundlandMy Profile

    • Lisa,

      A couple of my friends have visited China with kids. One hired a private guide plus car in each city to give them a customized tour. It worked great, and they didn’t have to deal with a big group tour. The other friend tried to just do it on her own and ended up wishing they had hired a private guide.
      Michele recently posted…Capture the ColourMy Profile

      • A private guide is a great idea. Actually, on my second day in Cairo I met an American and we hired a taxi to take us to a camel market and some of the other less known Pyramids. We had a fabulous time.

    • I would think a tour would be the way to go when you have kids. Read the comments below. Someone mentioned hiring a car with a guide.

    • Thanks Lisa! Check out the comments below. Maybe a private car and guide could also be an option.

  9. Oh what a beautiful picture of Luxor!! I loved Egypt and am totally jealous that you both got to camp in the desert AND took these gorgeous photos. I’m hoping for a return trip soon!

    I like the redesign. What a lot of work. I’m still using a template but am still tweaking and customizing what I can from a redesign last March or there-abouts, so you have my sympathy.

    It’s only Wednesday here, but I couldn’t wait and am posting now!
    cindy recently posted…Photo Thursday: Wood End Lighthouse in ProvincetownMy Profile

    • Camping in the desert really was a highlight.

  10. The Fuji Finepix was my first digital camera as well. I loved it and tried unsuccessfully to get it repaired when its first glitch of old age appeared. I liked it so well that the camera I use now is a newer version Fuji Finepix. I love these photos — they’ve made the travel bug strike again.
    Jackie Smith recently posted…TPThursday: Spain’s “La Fiesta Brava”My Profile

    • I am amazed at how many here in the group have had or still have Fuji cameras. Go to Egypt!!

  11. I’ve not been to Egypt but it is one place that I would love to visit. My daughter did a trip similar to yours and loved every minute of it, especially the camping in the desert. One day…
    Congratulations on the fabulous new look. It’s so fresh and the photos look great. I’m impressed that you know how to fix the little things yourself!!
    jenny recently posted…Broome’s Hidden Flying BoatsMy Profile

    • Egypt is amazing, and for a first trip there, I’m glad I did the tour. As far as fixing things myself…all trial and error. Some days it’s all error!!

  12. I love the new design, too. I hope to travel to Egypt one day. One of my childhood friends went to an international school there, and her high school graduation was at the Pyramids of Giza. How cool is that?! Your sunset shot is gorgeous. I’m afraid that my 1st digital camera, bought when my son was born in 1999, bit the dust long ago. I’m now on my 3rd one and am amazed at the vast technological improvements.
    Michele recently posted…Capture the ColourMy Profile

    • Graduation at the Pyramids would definitely go down in the BIG book of memories! Yes, I’m amazed at how quickly cameras are advancing. There seems to be something new every week. A friend of mine just bought a new DSLR and it is about half the size (or less) of my Nikon D90, and takes such awesome photos!

  13. Love the new site, Nancie. Looks so professional :)
    Sophie recently posted…Vecriga: UNESCO in LatviaMy Profile

    • Thank you, Sophie. It’s taking a bit of getting used to, and I am still tweaking, but it will get there. Hey, that’s a lie. Do we ever stop tweaking our blogs? :)

  14. Your sunset picture is great! I wish my older shots were nearly as nice. Anything that I shot before I went digital was terrible!

    I’ve followed the theme and added some shots from a photography tour that I just did in Hawaii.
    Average Traveller recently posted…Driving the Haleakala Highway to the House of the SunMy Profile

  15. I love your new site theme (^_^) And it seems to me that it loads faster, too…

  16. Love love love your new blog design! And I also used to have two gravatars in my comment section, until I deactivated one gravatar plugin. Re your sunset pic, I wish I could go back to my old pics. Would have been nice to post in my blog as well.
    Aleah recently posted…One Cold Day in the Grand Place, BrusselsMy Profile

  17. oh dear, I hope that typhoon doesn’t ruin your beach holiday! Hurricane Isaac just brushed Tampa Bay, so we were pretty much spared. I hope you are, too!

    And your pictures… Don’t even get me started with Egypt. I lived there for for a year to study Arabic and it really made an impression in me. I heated it and I loved it all at once (but then again, I lived in crazy Cairo!)

    I like Luxor, but it was a little too busy for me. I love ASWAN the most. Taking lazy felucca rides around the cataracts, plus sailing away from the city into other unknown parts of the Nile, was amazing. I did a four day/3 night trip in route to boxer for my birthday and it was just… Words can’t describe it

    In terms of ruins, my favorite temple was and still is the colorful Medinet Habu! I took a bus there, so it independently before tour buses arrived, and it was absolutely magical. I prefer this, but any ancient Egyptian temple will get my love ;)

    Ok, I have rambled enough! ;) be safe. I wonder how Koreans prepare for typhoons?

    – Maria Alexandra
    Spanish Translator recently posted…Travel bucket list photos: Get inspired by delicious food and gorgeous views!My Profile

  18. “Beach resort that has long been abandoned”

    Which one did you visit, by the way? I’m curious, as I visited many beach resorts during my stay in Egypt. I actually loved Ras Shytan– it was a great way to get away, enjoy the gorgeous ocean views, and live simply for a few days. But then again, if you’re doing a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Middle East, perhaps you would want to stay in a place like this…? Would love to hear more about your experience there =)
    Spanish Translator recently posted…Puerto Rico patriotism: The U.S. territory’s dilemmaMy Profile

  19. Beautiful! This really makes me miss Egypt a lot. I remember that place on the river (or a similar anyways). We had lunch around that area I think and boarded a little boat to take us around.
    Sabrina recently posted…Bingo 101: Playing Bingo For The First TimeMy Profile

  20. The desert view is fantastic. Love how it shows a little slice of life without being in your face. Spectacular!

    I also love the site redesign. It is beautiful and bright!
    jade recently posted…The Best Hot Dogs in the WorldMy Profile

  21. Love the new look, Nancie! Your pictures are beautiful- both the sunset and the desert. Just beautiful.
    Tonya recently posted…The Mighty Mississippi in New OrleansMy Profile

  22. I started with a Fuji Finepix as well, but my pictures were always lousy and I usually blamed the camera. Thanks for taking away my excuse! :)
    Liking your new layout as well. Very easy on the eyes. Nice work.
    Steve recently posted…Things I Wish I’d Taken a Picture OfMy Profile

  23. Love the new look, Nancie. I’m in the process of changing my design as well. Lots of work to be completed.
    Love this week’s photos as well. One of these days, I’ll make it to Egypt.
    Hope the typhoon veers away. We’ve just dodged two hurricanes – Ernesto and Isaac. Unfortunately, Haiti and parts of the Gulf Coast weren’t so lucky. Will keep my fingers crossed!
    InsideJourneys recently posted…The Blogger Relay – My Top Three Travel MemoriesMy Profile

  24. Hi Nancie,
    Just noticed that the wrong link got posted. Can you delete the first one?
    InsideJourneys recently posted…#TPThursday: An Eyecatching Jamaican ChurchMy Profile

  25. I have just found your website and KNOW it’s going to be a favourite – great inspiration- thank you. Have a great day F
    Francesca Muir recently posted…The art of the old Magnolia treeMy Profile

  26. I would love to camp in the desert in Egypt! How wonderful.
    Margaret recently posted…Eighth-grade reading listMy Profile

  27. WOW!! I love the new look of your site! Did you do this all yourself??? I hope the typhoon bypasses you & you still get to the beach.

    Gorgeous sunset picture – I would never have guessed that was Egypt!
    Becca recently posted…Friday Daydreamin': Labor Day LessonMy Profile

  28. Love the photo of Luxor – the colours and the feeling of a warm, sultry evening. Hope you survived the typhoon in Korea? Makes me feel very safe as I’m travelling around North Devon in England, but I know the angst typhoons bring, so thinking of you.
    Johanna recently posted…Things to do in North DevonMy Profile


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