Travel Photo Thursday — August 23, 2012 — Favorite Bali Attractions in Photos

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Welcome to another week of Travel Photo Thursday. As I’m writing this, the rain has abated here in Daejeon, but the skies are still an ominous gray. I hear thunder in the distance. I think this is our tenth straight day of cloud and rain. On the plus side the humidity finally dropped yesterday, and I no longer break out in sweat just by simply breathing :) All this rain has brought back memories of Bali. I love Bali, but the rain, oh the rain. The last time I was there was 2 Christmas’s ago, and it didn’t just rain for an hour or so once daily, but steadily for hours at a time. Anyone who has experienced the rain in Bali knows that it can be like standing in your bathroom shower. However, not every Bali moment has been rainy, and here are some shots that I really love.

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Ladies preparing to give offerings at a temple in Ubud…

I have never been in a country where there are so many opportunities to experience the traditional culture. I think it would be impossible for anyone to go to Bali when the locals aren’t preparing for or participating in a temple function. Travelers are welcome at these events, providing they dress appropriately.

Temple Offerings, Ubud, Bali


A visit to the Bali Bird Park is always one of  my “Must Dos”. 

I love the hornbills. This guy seems to be saying…”You don’t say”

You Don't Say!


Look Ma, no hands!

Look Ma....No hands!


No trip to Bali is complete without a visit to Ubud’s sacred Monkey Forest. These fellas look serene, but don’t let this photo fool you. They can be very aggressive. I was standing at the entrance one evening with a bottle of water in my hand. One cheeky monkey grabbed the bottle, opened it, and threw it down in disgust when he tasted only water. Maybe he was hoping for rum :)

Are You Really Having Fun?


Rice Paddy Paridise…

A visit to Ubud’s fertile rice paddies is as easy as opening your hotel room door, and sauntering up the street. Get caught in the rain during your wandering, and you’re guaranteed a slippery adventure!


Rice Paddy Paradise


Gunung Kawi

At the bottom of these many many stairs is a major Hindu temple, with 10 rock-cut candi (shrines). It’s one of Bali’s oldest and largest ancient monuments (according to LP).

The day I was there it rained (HARD). That’s why the sky in this photo looks so washed out. (This was just before the downpour.)I think the lushness of the trees and rice paddy on the right makes up for it!


Gunung Kawi, Bali


What would Bali be without an awe inspiring sunset?

Bali’s Jimbaran Beach…


Day's End, Jimbaran Beach, Bali


Have you been to Bali? Do you leave with a favorite photo or memory?


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This is my 10th post in my personal challenge “Publish a post every second day in August”. If you missed number 9…Bongwonsa Temple



  1. I love these Bali pictures especially the birds and the monkeys. Unfortunately, I haven’t enjoyed Bali yet. I hope the weather gets better for you in Daejeon.
    Mary recently posted…A Canal Tour in Malmö, SwedenMy Profile

  2. How fabulous, can’t wait to explore Bali in September – so excited and thanks for the timely tips!

  3. I haven’t been to Bali but what an inspiring set of photos. Love the hornbills and looking at the home by the rice paddy makes me once again realize how fortunate I am here. Some of your best photos I think Nancie.
    Leigh recently posted…Gobsmacked by the Rainbow Range in Tweedsmuir Provincial ParkMy Profile

  4. The last 3 pics are just how I’ve always pictured Bali. Those monkeys are unbelievably cute.

  5. What beautiful nature shots! And the animals? The one with the food in the beak is amazing. What timing!
    Sabrina recently posted…More Outdoor Activities in Atlanta: Centennial ParkMy Profile

  6. There is such a joy in looking at the bird and the monkeys and the sheer beauty of the people and the place are captured so well in these photos Nancie. Some of your best ever!
    Jackie Smith recently posted…TPThursday: Searching for Duende in SevilleMy Profile

  7. Bali is on my list, but the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest tops my list. The baby monkeys are too cute for words!

  8. We have monkeys just like that at our local park. They tried to steal my clothes while I was in the wading pool. My favorite photo is the first one with all the ladies. I’ve been to Bali (pre-kids), but it was at the end of a whirlwind 3 week trip to SE Asia. We were so exhausted by the time we got to Bali that all we did was sit on the beach. While that was fun, I’m now sad to have missed out on the temples, rice paddies and nature Bali has to offer. My husband had actually visited there when he was a kid, and he figures that twice is enough for his lifetime. So, it looks like I won’t be headed back unless I go solo.
    Michele recently posted…Snorkeling at Thailand’s Racha Yai IslandMy Profile

  9. Haven’t been in bali in so many years, but remember it was a wonderful, magical place to take small children. Especially liked Ubud, the monkey forest and the local dances with dragon costumes. Fab place.
    Sophie recently posted…Torre Argentina: Cats among Roman ruinsMy Profile

  10. Now I want to go to Bali…
    azahar recently posted…iphone 5My Profile

  11. Simply beautiful! The second hornbill photo is spectacular… (^_^)
    Muza-chan recently posted…Nihonjika, the deer from MiyajimaMy Profile

  12. Nancie – A few more reasons for me to finally get to Bali – it looks amazing. I especially love the hornbill action shot!

    Not as fond of your new format, as it doesn’t seem to run well on at least one of my computers! If I can get it to let my add a link I will, but for now I’ll link it here. I went back in time too, thinking about my first trip to Africa and the wonderful cheetahs we saw.!/2012/08/photo-thursday-cheetahs.html

    Wishing you clear skies and sunshine!
    cindy – thetravelgal recently posted…Photo Thursday: CheetahsMy Profile

  13. What a lovely new site design. Sorry that Travel Photo Thursday is MIA, but maybe people will follow the links in comments? Hopefully.
    As to your photos today, I love the colors and just have to say about that first photo–when you say “dress appropriately” does that include carrying a golden vase on your head? (Sorry, couldn’t resist).
    Vera Marie Badertscher recently posted…Travel Photos: 7 Greek IslandsMy Profile

  14. I came back to visit others participating in TPThursday this morning and can’t find Mr. Linky on your site . . .hope he returns!
    Jackie Smith recently posted…TPThursday: Searching for Duende in SevilleMy Profile

  15. New theme looks great!

    Love the bird pix.
    Dick Jordan recently posted…Travel Photo Thursday: Inanimate “People”My Profile

  16. For a summer project, my daughter and I started learning about the birds in our area, so I would definitely like to visit that bird park someday! The birds looks so colorful.
    Margaret recently posted…We came; we ate; we bought a coolerMy Profile

  17. oh wow, new design! Looks good, but it took me a little bit to find today’s blog post. I recommend you to have a list of most recent blog posts in another place besides the main homepage slider ;) just my two cents!

    by the way, I couldn’t find Mr. linky, so here’s my post:

    Bali has been on the top of my travel bucket list for the longest time. I know I say that a lot about many places… LOL, but it is true! I’ve been meaning to visit Asia in a couple of trips, but something always happens that prevents me from going. Hopefully, when I finally leave corporate America, I’ll be able to live in that wonderful continent for quite a while–including some time in Bali to learn Bahasa Indonesian!

    great photos as always, Nancie

    – Maria Alexandra
    Spanish Translator recently posted…Traveling through a St Pete Beach Russian restaurant: What an experience!My Profile

  18. Gorgeous sunset shot- i love how you can get the outline of the surfboard. And of course, I love the monkeys!
    Jade recently posted…Outside La Sagrada Familia in PhotosMy Profile

  19. Bali is beautiful and exotic in ways that are hard to believe until you’re there. I’ve never met a people more happy with their lot in life than the Balinese — and little wonder!
    eileen at FamiliesGo! recently posted…Family Vacation: 24 Hours in Newport, Rhode IslandMy Profile

  20. The new layout rocks, Nancie! Love it!

    Also love your photos of Bali. What a beautiful place. It’s on my list but not sure when I’ll get there. Seeing your photos, I feel like I could pack my bags and go now!
    InsideJourneys recently posted…Capturing the Colors of JamaicaMy Profile

  21. The new look is nice and clean! Hopefully we’ll get to see Mr Linky again soon!
    Average Traveller recently posted…Driving the Haleakala Highway to the House of the SunMy Profile

  22. Beautiful photos! I’ve always wanted to go to Bali, especially after seeing “Eat Pray Love.” That hornbill is gorgeous.

    I really like your new layout too!

    I don’t see the Mr. Linky, but my entry for TPT should show up with CommentLuv.
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted…Flying Above the CloudsMy Profile

  23. Beautiful Bali! I just LOVE the second to last shot of the path leading down to the Hindu temple…fantastic!
    Andi at The Particular Traveler recently posted…Mount RushmoreMy Profile

  24. What amazing photos – I loved the one of the bird catching dinner but the sunset really took my breath away!!
    Becca recently posted…Friday Daydreamin': Goodbye Summer!My Profile

  25. So it’s not just me. I can’t see Mr. Linky or any of the links I have to assume folks provided. Help us, Nancie!
    cindy recently posted…Photo Thursday: CheetahsMy Profile

  26. Just wanted to add my Travel Photo Thursday link here!

  27. I took a second look at this post and wow, LOVED that toucan bird action shot! :D

    – Maria Alexandra
    Spanish Translator recently posted…Puerto Rico patriotism: The U.S. territory’s dilemmaMy Profile


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